Saturday, May 28, 2016

May Round Up

Housework plan for June

April goals were achieved except for getting the round up done on the blog.

I played a lot sewing and designing this month so I only got about half the goals I wrote down done.

I did mange to:

  • Draft the easy version of my Boy Friend Shirt. I have called it the Everyday Shirt
  • Did a bit on the sleeve of the Australian Girl Doll denim jacket. I have worked out that the two piece seam needs to be quite curved.
  • I started drafting the skirt for my Wardrobe Capsule.
  • I stitched and quilted one quilt block and have started stitching the second block for this month.
  • I read at least 2 books and I'm pretty sure I read two e-books. I didn't finish listening to the audio book. I lost interest in it.
  • I worked on a new free pattern. It is the tie that is going with the new outfit I am making.
  • I also managed to get in a few walks to the beach.

Part of May I was away visiting my mum so I am happy with my achievements for May.

What about June.
I have sorted out the goals journal and the habits journal. I have scheduled the house cleaning for half of June on my new month at a view page I bought and downloaded from Etsy.

I printed it on the spare pages I have for the planner so I don't even have to punch the holes. The faint lines on the page are good for writing in the boxes.

I haven't quite got around to making my vision board list for June. I will update this when I get it done.

I love my new planner from Kikki K. I have bought all the accessories in the collection except for the pencil case which I am going to try making myself. I have a fabric paint pen that I will use to draw on my own cat picture.

Stay Organised,

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