Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Round-up

I have decided to put my round-up posts in my Organising Blog. That makes more sense than either of my sewing blogs. The round-ups are like a reflection on how well my organisation actions were for the month.
Last month wasn't so good because I just didn't get into writing my 'To Do List' every day.
March has been great because I spent time getting organised. I usually spend about 30 to 45 mins sitting and going through my journals, transferring things to my week at a glance to do list. I don't have a page with just a daily list. I like to see what I have done for the week and having the week on one page makes it easy to move things along if they need more time.

You can see how I set it out below.

You can download a blank A4 PDF by clicking on the image below.

From my March list I managed to complete 8 out of 10 items. 
I added new gallery pictures.
I made some progress on my quilt.
I found new things to pin on my Pinterest boards.
I read another e-book cosy mystery on my iPad. 

For April I have a slightly longer list but if I work on the To Do list every day I should breeze through.

Publish 2 patterns
Publish a free skater skirt
List 3 clothes packages on Etsy
Pin 20 new pins (not repins)
Do all the ground work on a new outfit pattern bundle
Read an e-book
Get a new jigsaw puzzle half finished
Read 2 library books
Cut out more quilt applique elements
Add 2 gallery pictures to the doll clothes blog
Comment on 10 blogs
Comment on Google+ every day
Work on the 2004 dress for Australian Girl Doll

I made up a new vision board for April.

Along with my list for the month I have committed to working on the pattern updates every day. It bugs me that some of the patterns are not up to the standard I now have.

I will continue to put the housework on the To Do list. I have broken down listing the clothes packages into small steps for each day. It is one task that I continually procrastinate about. I don't really know why.

I have included walking out to the beach to sit and look or wander along for a short time whenever I feel like watching TV or eating sweet food. To make me think of it more I have decided to take a photo each time I go out and make a nice coffee table book from them on Snapfish.

The key to it all is getting things on the To Do list each day.

I hope you give yourself time to plan each day. It is time well spent.


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