Saturday, March 19, 2016

Making Organising a Habit

I will get my goals list under control soon. I went off the rails there for a few weeks but I so love the feeling of getting the things on the list ticked off so I am going to keep going with the To Do lists until it becomes easier.

I don't think it will ever become easy. It is just not in my nature to do things systematically. I really have to work at it.

I think that is why I love the Vision Board concept so much. I can be creative and go off on a tangent but the overall affect is a big To Do list with added inspiration.

I keep the board above my sewing machine and each month I create a new vision with new To Do's, new ideas and new inspiration.

I have been using my Goals Journal, my Habits Journal and my Dreams Journal to write up my daily To Do list. My habits and goals are part of what I need to do every day so this works really well.

My habit that I am working on this month is "write up a To Do list every morning". I want to make it a habit even if it is not a part of my genetic make up.

I have beautiful inspiration cards that I bought from Kikki K.

I also have some inspiration words that I printed up myself.

The words up there now are:
Sew, Laugh, Plan


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