Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to plan for your best year ever. No experience required.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

I recently read an article about planning for the new year.
It included things like:

  1. Answer some simple questions about last year.
  2. Write down 25 things you want to accomplish.
  3. What is your vision?
  4. Write down your goals and make sure you review them regularly.

You may be thinking:

  1. So if I am trying to get my act together what have I got from last year that I can review?
  2. If I am only listing 25 things they better be important. The small stuff just won't fit.
  3. What the heck is my vision?
  4. I wrote my goals down last year but I lost the note book or I didn't leave any room for review.

As I read through the article I realised that I was already doing all the right things in an easy to follow method with lots of structure and all in one lovely book that I will not lose. I will be able to keep it and use it to review when I come to do my goals for 2017.
I am not affiliated with Kikki K in any way but I just love the Kikki K Goals Journal.
It is a perfect companion to my 101 Dreams Journal.
You really need both because the 101 Dreams Journal is all about listing what you wish for and the Goals Journal is all about getting what you wish for.

SMART goals are the way to go.

There are easy to work through activities.

  1. Smart and Present Goals
  2. My Dream Life
    - Including how to work out what my core values are, and
    - How I measure success in my life
  3. How I'm Going to get There.
  4. Ideal Weekly Planner
  5. Things I'm Not Going to Do
  6. Monthly sections with room to set out 4 goals for the month, a monthly planner page and a page for review.

You get examples of how to complete the activities.

I will be breaking down some of my long term dreams so I can get started on them this year. I will also be using my 1 year dreams from the Dreams Journal to fill out at least 2 of the 4 monthly goals each month to make sure I achieve as many as possible this year.

Inspiration and instructions

The journals are so easy to use because they include examples and break down the sections into easy to answer questions.

How to write a SMART goal

The 4 goals for each month have several sections to fill in so you know you are writing SMART goals.

Space for 4 goals each month

You can read the original article from Finance Girl.

You can buy from Kikki K online from most countries.
The Goals Journal

Life is just so much more fun when you are aiming for something.
Life is just so much more rewarding when you achieve success.

Happy New Year,

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