Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream

Just recently I have discovered some beautiful journals from Kikki K. I love to make lists and make plans. I have bought the 101 Dreams Journal, the Goals Journal and the Habits Journal.

I plan to use them together to plan my dream life. I am retired now so career and family planning are not my priorities but it is important to examine where we are going and what makes life happy and meaningful for us even now. I have achieved many things but I don't want to just sit back and drift for the rest of my life.

I prepared a little desk area that is very pleasant to sit at for my journal writing.

I have a small day planner where I keep track of my internet posts.
I have a little dish for my biscuit and a mat for my cup and tea pot.
I have a to do pad where I list what I plan to accomplish sewing and pattern wise.
Just peeping out on the left is my iPad stand and underneath is my colouring book.
In the centre front is my Dreams Journal.

Today I filled the first page with what I am passionate about. I used mainly one word thoughts with commas between them. For example I included sewing, reading, pattern making, cleaning my teeth, along with other greater and lesser passions.

I included cleaning my teeth because my dentist said I had to be careful about keeping my gums healthy to help prevent heart attack. I passionately use a pickster twice a day along with brushing and I floss in the evening as well without fail.

The second page I used to list things that give my life meaning or purpose. I described five things including my family and my doll clothes pattern hobby business.

Until you start to think about them you don't notice how important some things really are to your well being. I found this exercise very enlightening. I am passionate about the big things such as peace, freedom, and freedom of speech but it helps to articulate those little things that make every day a happy day and nurture them.

My tea mug has 'Be Grateful Today' written inside.
One of my pens has 'Be Brave' written on the side.
It helps to be constantly reminded of such things.

A journal from Kikki K. You can buy them online.
I have no connection with Kikki K but I like a lot of their products.


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