Thursday, October 12, 2017

100 Days Journal: Being 100% Committed to the Process

100 days journal
I am developing an instant download called 100 days journal: 1 goal at a time.

Failing is just a challenge

Several times I have attempted doing something for 100 days. I can't even remember if I finished the 100 days those times.
I have been doing a lot of reading in order to work out what I need to do to get the result I want at the end of the 100 days.

Keep your eye on the process

What I have learned is that I lost my way and failed to keep up the process. I am now 4 days into the 100 days process that will get the result I am after. I have not had a perfect run so far but I am 100% committed to the process. Just because my commitment slips one day doesn't mean the process is not working.

Affirmation Everyday

Everyday I read aloud my affirmation that I am 100% committed to doing what I have to in order to become the person I want to be.
Everyday I write in my 100 day journal that I am 100% committed to the journey.
I trust that the journey will lead to the desired result.

Slowly building a habit

By making my affirmation everyday I am gradually building up my resistance to my old habits. By writing about my resolve in my 100 day journal everyday I am learning a new way to behave.
On the backs of the pages I write about my resolve, my self discipline. I write in more detail about the temptations, why I gave in and how I can break the old habits.

Take Immediate Action to Change Something in Your Life?

  • I have been reading The Miracle Morning and even though I know of most of the ideas in the book I find that reading them printed in a book makes them more real to me. The order and structure of the book help me get all my ideas in an order that makes them workable.
  • I have also been reading 168 Hours. This book is way above any time organising I need for my part time business and my retired lifestyle but I have found the week master plan perfect for enabling me to move forward with my business goals and my Life Vision goals regarding health, family and social life.
  • I am just about at the end of my second Goal Journal from Kikki-K. I have found this simple month by month journal perfect for getting my mind set in the right place. I am now ready to focus my mind on 1 goal for a set amount of time. Be it a week or a month.

    I know that being 100% committed while I am 100% focused will get me the results I desire. Working through the goal journal allows you to easily get into the habit of setting goals by asking you to focus on 4 goals a month.

    I took some of my long term goals and broke then down into monthly sections and put these as my monthly goals. Some goals where just month long short term goals for small projects I wanted to finish.

    The main thing is - I was getting in the habit of setting goals and following through for the month. I used the notes page to make weekly updates and reviews.

I am developing a set of 100 day journal pages to sell as a digital download. They will be formatted for A5 paper and fit perfectly on Kikki-K personal planner pages.
Leave a comment if you would like to know when it is available.

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