Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

I haven't been blogging about my goals and diary the last few months but I am still working on getting things down on paper.
I had a bit of a set back for October with almost no goal writing or daily Journal/ Diary organising but I am determined to get back on track for November.

I like to use different ways to organise myself just to keep it interesting. They all have the same priority of goal setting and journaling or diary keeping just with a new style.

Today I found a lovely blog called Adventures in Guided Journaling by Christie Zimmer. She does a great job of putting out daily journal prompts to download for free.

I have just printed out her Goal Setting pages and will be working on those for November. I will punch holes in one end and fold them into my A5 journal.

I did some planning and doodling and brain storming. I now have my November goals listed. I will choose 4 most important ones and write out a detailed plan for achieving them this month.

Stay Organised,

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