Monday, February 10, 2014

1. Setting up the 'My Home Planner' Folder - Cover and Dividers

The first thing I did after buying my membership to Mom's Toolbelt was download the covers, spines and dividers file for Summer - mtb-covers-spines-dividers-SUMMER-pdfe

I thought the ready made title was perfect so I just printed out page 1 for the cover and slipped it in the folder cover sleeve.

I have an A4 2 D ring folder. The spine of my folder is 1 1/2 inches or about 4cm. 

I used the second narrowest spine on page 12, typing in My Home Planner. It always seems a shame to print out 4 spines when you only need one but I have kept the others just in case. I had to trim this one down a bit on each long side to fit neatly in my folder spine.

Then I did a bit of thinking about what I needed to have organised right then and there. I have a 5 tab set of divider sleeves that I got from Big W. So I needed 5 important areas to start with.

The desk went into storage so I used the kitchen table to get started.
I wanted to have a place to keep my goals for 2014 so I used page 5 as my divider, typed in my heading - Goals for 2014 - and printed it out.

My housework routine has been very successful for me since 2011 so that was my next divider. I used page 6 and typed in Housework Routine and printed it out.

Since we will have to plan for two weeks shopping and meals I thought I needed to include this. I love the different pages so I clicked through and chose page 16 for this divider and typed in Meal Planner and Shopping Lists. The text gets smaller automatically as you type more.

My husband took over doing the budget and the bills about 6 years ago and I am happy to let him keep doing it but it is easy to lose touch with what has to be paid and when. I decided to make a Budget divider so I could handle it all without a pause if need be. I used page 16 again. Just typing in the heading Budget. 

While looking in cupboards ready to pack up to move I realised that I had a lot of things that I would be hard put to remember if I needed to claim insurance so I started inventorying my dinner sets and tea pots and such. When I finish typing up the lists I will put them in my folder along with basic info on our larger appliance and furniture items. I thought since we would probably be buying some new things when we moved into the new house it would be good time to make a list. I have a very organised warranty and receipts folder set but I will cover that later.
Once again I used page 16 and typed in Inventory and Serial Numbers. Printed it out and put it in the divider sleeve.

The divider sleeves come with little cards to write on and slip in the tab but I had just bought some printable labels that almost fit so I used those instead.
The labels are Avery White Mailing Labels 33 to a page (64mm x 24.3mm).
Fairly small but I had to cut them down a bit for the tabs. The Avery site has great software for making the labels. Very easy to use.

My folders sit on the shelf of the makeshift pantry while we are renting for 6 months. When we get the desk back after the new house is built they will be stored there.

The next post I will go through what I put under each divider heading.

Happy Organising,

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