Saturday, February 15, 2014

2. Setting up 'My Home Planner' folder - Tab1 Goals

Using Mom's ToolBelt
Adding At a Glance pages and Journal pages for each goal.
I know what I want but that doesn't mean that I will get it. Time spent thinking about what you really want and how you might achieve it is time well spent. The time I spend playing with my planner printables, finding just the right one for what I want to write down is also time well spent. The more I fine tune it the more usable it gets.

It is easy to make goals. You only need to think of 4 or 5 areas that you want to make some progress in. My goals relate to

  1. Finances - because I have a pocket money allowance that I can spend on anything I like and if I want everything I have to plan what I will spend it on. It sometimes links to my other goals too.
  2. Gardening - because I have been traveling on and off the past few years and we have had the house on the market most of last year my gardening just stopped. I was never around at spring planting time or I went away and nothing got watered. I like to garden so I had to have a plan to get back into it.
  3. Sewing for the home - because we are building a new house near the beach and I want to make new things with a beach/seaside theme.
  4. Personal sewing - because I love to quilt and do BOMs and challenges and sew some colthes and I want to do it all.
  5. Blogging - because most of my personal sewing is related to my blogging I wanted to make sure it all linked together nicely.
There are other things that I think about along the way like housework, meal planning, eating healthy, doing yoga and exercise but they have their own tabs in my folder or their own planner sheet so they get done.

Including At a Glance pages.
To write more specific goals for each month I selected At a Glance Planning from the topic list on the downloads page then downloaded the PDF in At a Glance Planning Pages directly below the zip file box. I chose page 1 because I figured I could use it from FEB through NOV. I typed in the goal and printed it out then retyped the next goal and printed that out until I had a page for each goal area 1 to 4. 
Here is my Garden Goals page:

Including Journal Pages
I also have a two journal pages after each At a Glance page so I can write in more detail how I will make things happen or just be a bit more specific. My Garden notes has a frame for a map of the yard. To get the journal pages I selected Journaling from the main list then downloaded the Summer PDF. For the Garden notes I used pages 5 and 4 to get them as facing pages. For the other notes pages I used pages 3 and 4.
In Acrobat Reader you can't type titles at the tops of the journal pages. I have Acrobat Professional that allows me to add in text boxes anywhere I like. Most of the Mom's ToolBelt pages are editable just in Reader though.

Here are my Personal Sewing pages:

Grouping all the goals on one page for the week:
I really like to do things more than one way. Flicking from page to page is OK but I like the look of this weekly glance. Even going through the process of writing weekly goals for each area helps me achieve them. It is time well spent.
This planner page is a free download from Money Saving Mom. Once on the page click Weekly Goals Saving Sheets in the Table of Contents and download the PDF sheet.
After downloading it you can type in the headings you want.
I will start using this in the coming week.

My next post will be how I organise my Housework schedule using the calendar from Mom's Tool Belt.

Happy Organising,

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  1. Congrats on this new adventure! I added this blog to my blogroll as well, under my "Inspirational Places" tab. PS: I love that you are looking forward to creating beach themed quilts for your new home. I love new chapter in life! They are so invigorating!!! Sending smiles your way! Val:)


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