Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Action Steps to Achieving Your Goals

I love setting goals 

It makes me really happy to gaze into the future and think about all the things I can achieve.

Do you set goals and then find that you lose motivation and get discouraged.

I am a real skinflint when it comes to paying for a mentor or success program. But I also don't need to make a living from my business and grow it to huge proportions. (I think anyone wanting to work a full time business needs to look at paid courses or mentorship.)

I get two free subscriptions to my inbox that provide me with daily motivations and encouragement. I write down the gems they provide in my daily thoughts journal.

Daily Mind Aware Mantra
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Darren Daily by Darren Hardy
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Today my daily Mind Aware Mantra was:

"I feel happy and alert"

My Daren Daily speale was about Personal Brand. I came away with
"What powerful, clear and positive idea do I want people to think when they think of me or my business name." 
The word 'Happy' came to me first. I want people to feel happy when they think of me.
I like the idea of my patterns not causing any problems. They come together easily and neatly and result in the customer being happy. My patterns provide potential for custom designs and are good value. My customer service is fast and efficient leaving my customers feeling happy and well served.

I sense that my customers feel this way but it is also something that I set out to achieve from the very beginning. I intuitively knew that "I" was my brand. I set out to be everything that I would want from someone when I am the customer.

Pretty heavy stuff but it really helps to be reminded of these things.

Getting back to actions steps....

I took action and subscribed to these emails because I needed little reminders that I was on the right track each day.

It's no good complaining that you have lost interest or can't get motivated. You need to do something about it if you want to achieve your goals.

I love anything to do with having a positive mindset.
With that in mind I was very receptive when I got an email from Robert Notter (another subscription but this one only comes sometimes).

It was about "Shining Goals" and he explained the obvious. In order to achieve a goal you need to set up small steps that you follow each day and before you know it you have achieved your goal and maybe gone even further than you expected.

He reinforced the message from a past Darren Daily. "It is easier to reach your goal if you focus on the little steps that are easy to do. Don't focus on the big scary end goal. Just write it down, work out the steps then focus on the steps."

The exercise Robert Notter asked me to do.

  1. Pick a short term goal that I needed to achieve then write down like a brain storm all the steps or tasks that I needed to do to get the job done. 
  2. Put them in order by writing numbers next to them.
  3. Work out the time frame for the goal then put dates next to each item.
  4. Transfer all the tasks to my calendar
My list is done. I may not follow it exactly once I get going
but at least I have a plan that I can follow without the need to think too much.

I said before that he explained the obvious. Every one knows how to set goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. How many people take action? How many people persevere to the end no matter how long it takes?   

A pretty small percentage, otherwise everyone would be happy and successful. 


2 actions I have taken recently to keep myself motivated!

  1. Subscribe to the daily motivating emails
  2. Write up and schedule the steps to get my newsletter out on time
A third action that is just as important is

      3. Keep a journal or notebook documenting all the tips and motivating ideas.

I love my little note book from Kikki K. I write my daily mantra
and Darren Daily notes on the blank page and fill in the prompts page
every week day

What can you take away from this  blog post?

  • Think about the goals you want to achieve. 
  • What actions steps have you taken lately to achieve your goals. 
  • What more can you do?
If you don't have any goals written down yet you can download my free printable to help you get started. If you already have some big goals you can use this sheet to list some of those steps you need to take today or this week in order to get closer to those goals. I use this process for my big vision goals as well as my smaller 1 year or 1 month goals. I have used the beautiful elements from Pixel Scrapper to make it.

Be Happy and Successful,

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